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JON JOHNSON STUDIOS is a global casting direction service spanning across fashion shows, advertising campaigns, special projects, editorials and international talent ambassadorships.

We establish strong connections with clients and talent to provide individualised services to  elevate your brand identity. 

      Based in London & Paris. 


 Dazed, Document Journal,Fantastic Man, Farfetch,

GOLF le FLEUR, Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld, Luncheon, System Magazine, Replica Man, Altered States, TIME and Valentino.


 Amber Pinkerton, Ben Toms, Casper Kofi, Benjamin Breading, Ben Toms, Gabriel Moses, Ib Kamara, Joshua Woods, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, Luca Khouri, Marc Hibbert, Matthieu Dellbreuve, Nadine Ijewere, Rafael Pavarotti, Vladimir Kaminetsky.

Ally Macre, Oana Clibiu, Ola Ebiti, Katie Shillingford, Rebecca Perlmutar.

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